The best car automotive detailer I've ever used. Matt is professional and provides exceptional service at a fair price. Only person I let touch my cars. He has even gotten swirl marks out from previous poor detail jobs. Highly recommended!!

Mike C ,

Matt provided excellent service as promised for a reasonable price. I highly recommend Auto Magic Car Care.

Geanina M. ,

I took my Jeep Liberty to Auto Magic, and the results were unbelievable. I needed a detail to put my car on the market, and I worried that with the stains on the seats and on the rugs, I would never receive fair market value. I dropped my Jeep off to Auto Magic, and the turnaround time was excellent. My Jeep came out looking better than it did the day I purchased it (used). Based on my experience I could not imagine ever bringing my business elsewhere. Exquisite work! Bravo!

Jesse R ,

My first time getting my car detailed and I chose to go to Auto Magic Car Care. The end result was beautiful and I couldn't have drove away more pleased! Not only did the interior shine and smell amazing, but the staff was really cool too!


I don't ever remember my car being this clean, not even when I first bought it. They reached all those tiny nooks and crannies that are impossible to get without the right equipment, I'm amazed! There wasn't a spot un touched. The whole exterior was cleaned as well, even the gas tank exterior was wiped down. It was truly Magic!


The staff was friendly, attentive and hardworking. When I arrived to drop off my 2005 Toyota Scion XB a man was currently working on another car. I took notice to how much effort and meticulousness was put into each individual vehicle. I was impressed yet again when I came back to pick it up. I hopped in the driver seat and noticed a bag on the passenger side. I came to realize that they put all my belongings in a plastic bag for me. Some items may have appeared to be disposable but they didn't make that call. They even put that temporary paper floor mat down so my feet wouldn't undo their amazing work.


I love driving my car again and now have a lot more incentive to keep it clean until the time comes to bring it back to Auto Magic Car Care!

Andrea M. ,